Puerto Montt

15:35    Thursday  2/28/2013
41 30.012 S
72 59.262 W


DSC_2284After settling in our boat we finally got a chance to visit the city of Puerto Montt. I did not realize how magnificent the landscape was until the clouds cleared and revealed the breathtaking backdrop, a volcano no less. Modernization is inevitable as Puerto Montt is boasting to have the largest salmon aquaculture industry in the world. The view is of the shopping mall in Puerto Montt.  But for the most part the city is filled with old and colorful houses and buildings.




DSC_2265The city suburbs consists of houses that seem to be constructed with no evidence of boundaries. The history of the city reveals that squatters decided to settle on otherwise unoccupied farmland. The houses seem to be built out of any available material that people could find or get their hands on.




DSC_2268Houses nestled on the shore line where the only demonstration of aesthetics is colour! These houses are on an island accessible via 5 minute ferry ride from Puerto Montt.


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