Another day in Puerto Montt

23:30 Saturday March 3, 2013

41 30.012 S 72 59.262 W

A month ago I was in Newfoundland and Dennis was in Chile getting things ready for our departure to the South pacific. Today I am here in Chile while Dennis makes his way to Newfoundland. After struggling to find somebody to fix a few things required to finalize the sale of my house we both decided that it was best if Dennis did the work himself. And for anybody that knows Dennis you will agree that fixing things is definitely his specialty. So the earliest departure for our sail is probably March 12th.

So being new to living on a boat, I would like to chronicle my day here on LandFall without Dennis (I do so miss him!!). I wake up around 10:00. I always considered myself to be a morning person but somehow on the boat I manage to sleep way past my usual 7:00 am!! The first thing I do is step into the same clothes I have worn for the last 2 days (never would have imagined doing that)!!. I make the 3 minute walk to the Marina washrooms for a nice long shower without the thought of running out of hot water. Once back, I fill a kettle with enough water to boil and make my coffee and to do last night’s and morning dishes. I fire up the propane burner on our stove and as the gas sputters and heats up I am relieved that today is not the day to swap out the current propane tank with the spare. (Dennis was well aware that it could happen any day while he was gone so he gave me instructions on how to change tanks!). I root though the little fridge to find a few mushrooms to use for a mushroom/egg omelette. Once dishes are done I turn on the Ipod hooked up to the stereo (I have yet to get through my 2000+ songs that I have on my Ipod). I start up the laptop, check emails and make a few phone calls on Magic Jack. I talk to Dennis for a while. He is stranded in Toronto waiting for weather to clear in St. John’s where the fog has settled in. I had plans to clean the boat but the sun is out and it is 20C so I opt to go for a hike. I check in with Dennis’s friends Richard and Hans and let them know the direction I am heading in case I get lost.

CaptureI find a trail that takes me to the top of a hill with a great lookout. Note the ‘RED’ arrow indicating the marina where the boat is. You can check out the pics of my hike in ‘Our Photo Album’ tab.  There were 300+ steps to climb! At the top I was struck with a familiar smell of wood smoke and Eucalyptus trees. That took me back to childhood memories of Peru.

I got back hungry and fired up the BBQ to roast some wieners to go with Dennis’s left over Potatoe salad. Hans dropped by to make sure I got back. I checked emails again, talked to Dennis who is still stuck in Toronto, read my knidle for a while, posted on the blog and now I plan to watch one of the 300+ movies that I accumulated and copied to an external hard drive.  I  want to stay up so that I can check in and see if Dennis has made it to St. John’s. His flight is now delayed until 2:00 am. With the fog still lingering his arrival in St. John’s in the wee hours is still dubious.


Simple pleasures

20:00 Saturday , march 2, 2013

41 30.012 S 72 59.262 W

DSC_2253Just outside the marina gates we found Blackberries growing in abundance! We can pick a $5 Costco container in 5 minutes. We filled a bowl with 1/2 Blackberries and 1/2 Vanilla yogurt and we both agreed it is one of the best desserts we have had in a while! The simplicity of this delicious dessert is a symbol of what life is for us now. We maneuver around our 36 x 12 foot living space that holds everything we own and need. No deadlines, no hustle or bustle and the sound of water surrounds us. Our backyard is always changing without the need to mow, weed or seed. We leave the boat with our backpacks and cameras and not a second thought of going out without a cell phone or a Blackberry.


Puerto Montt

15:35    Thursday  2/28/2013
41 30.012 S
72 59.262 W

DSC_2284After settling in our boat we finally got a chance to visit the city of Puerto Montt. I did not realize how magnificent the landscape was until the clouds cleared and revealed the breathtaking backdrop, a volcano no less. Modernization is inevitable as Puerto Montt is boasting to have the largest salmon aquaculture industry in the world. The view is of the shopping mall in Puerto Montt.  But for the most part the city is filled with old and colorful houses and buildings.




DSC_2265The city suburbs consists of houses that seem to be constructed with no evidence of boundaries. The history of the city reveals that squatters decided to settle on otherwise unoccupied farmland. The houses seem to be built out of any available material that people could find or get their hands on.




DSC_2268Houses nestled on the shore line where the only demonstration of aesthetics is colour! These houses are on an island accessible via 5 minute ferry ride from Puerto Montt.


Arrived in Puerto Montt

DSC_2244I spent $350 for the extra luggage, got on a direct flight from Toronto to Santiago-Chile and arrived 10 hours later. No trouble getting through Customs as they are not concerned about BBQ grills, bilge pumps and other miscellaneous boat parts. They only look for food, dried or fresh.  Dennis had already made the overnight trip to Santiago to meet me and help with the luggage. We made our way to the bus station for the 6 hour wait to get on the 13 hour bus ride to Puerto Montt.  So after 2 days of travel I am finally here!!