Simple pleasures

20:00 Saturday , march 2, 2013

41 30.012 S 72 59.262 W

DSC_2253Just outside the marina gates we found Blackberries growing in abundance! We can pick a $5 Costco container in 5 minutes. We filled a bowl with 1/2 Blackberries and 1/2 Vanilla yogurt and we both agreed it is one of the best desserts we have had in a while! The simplicity of this delicious dessert is a symbol of what life is for us now. We maneuver around our 36 x 12 foot living space that holds everything we own and need. No deadlines, no hustle or bustle and the sound of water surrounds us. Our backyard is always changing without the need to mow, weed or seed. We leave the boat with our backpacks and cameras and not a second thought of going out without a cell phone or a Blackberry.


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