Arriving in New Zealand

Tuesday 10/15/2013

35 43.417 S 174 19.582 E

Posting by Barb

DSC_3604We have finally made it to New Zealand, our final destination for 2013. It has been an amazing year. Over 10,000 miles, 208 cruising days, 20 plus islands starting in the Marquesas’ and then on to the Tuamotos’, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga and finally New Zealand. We have met some pretty amazing people, experienced the taste of local food and customs and explored the nooks and crannies of all the islands that we visited.

DSC_3630Clearing NZ customs in Marsden Cove was not that painful. We were tied to the quarantine dock for a couple of hours and then we had a visit from 2 customs and immigration officers. They left with a bag full of our foods which included our dried beans, popcorn, and pork roasts that we had left in our freezer. Our flour and spices showed no sign of infestation so we got to keep that. It would have all been eaten had we not lost our propane half way to New Zealand.

I have left my home on Landfall to spend a little time with my family in Ontario. Dennis will be in Whangarei for another month or so to work on some of the many of the projects on his ‘to do’ list. I think he was looking forward to having the boat to himself for a little while so that he could tear it all up, dig out his tools and putter without having to worry about making a little living space for me.

I DSC_3614already miss the salty smell of the air, the vastness of horizons bounded by the sky above,  the safety of our little boat and the feeling of such freedom.

But we both have return tickets to New Zealand for January 2014 to start cruising again.


Almost there!!!

Saturday 5/10/2013 19:30

33 07.225 S 175 22.213 E

Posting by Dennis:

We have finally gotten a favorable wind! So we are doing well clipping along at 5.5 knots, and all it is in the right direction for a change. We seem to be doing well without being able to cook. It just takes a little creativity. I even tried cooking potatoes on the engine, did not work. I know that when we get to New Zealand that they will be taking all our meat that we have in the freezer. But that will be ok, it is just part of the deal. I think we will be going out for dinner as soon as we clear customs. When we get there we will have sailed over ten thousand miles since we left Chile last March. Not too shabby. So I guess Barb has adapted pretty well to the cruising life. The funny thing is we don’t ever get bored when we are at sea, there is always something that you have to do. We should be in New Zealand either late tomorrow or early the day after. Then we can sleep.

Sailing to New Zealand

Tuesday 2/10/2013 20:00

28 44.166 S 178 35.107 E

Posting by Dennis:

Well today has been another eventful day. It started out last night with a big squall with wind just under forty knots and the wind has been blowing in the upper twenties ever since. That would not be so bad but the wind is coming dead out of the direction we have to go. So we are tacking and with that much wind and seas that are now over fifteen feet our progress is slow. It is kind of discouraging when you have been sailing for six days and it says you still have ten to go, the same number of days as when you left. The grib files are way off but what else is new. Rosemary has been seasick since we left and throws up anything that she tries to eat. So she is basically on the water diet and even that does not stay down. Then this afternoon the propane ran out so I set out to change the tanks over which is really fun as you roll twenty five degrees side to side, and as I was doing that I thought “gee this tank feels really light” and sure enough the tank was empty. So now we have no more cooking for the rest of the trip. You would think that not having to cook would make Barb happy but it doesn’t seem that way. So we will be eating right out of the can. Cold green beans, yum yum. Tonight’s gourmet treat was soup that was half done before the propane ran out. The beans were a little crunchy. We just got another grib file and it is saying that the wind is going to let up by morning we shall see.