Almost there!!!

Saturday 5/10/2013 19:30

33 07.225 S 175 22.213 E

Posting by Dennis:

We have finally gotten a favorable wind! So we are doing well clipping along at 5.5 knots, and all it is in the right direction for a change. We seem to be doing well without being able to cook. It just takes a little creativity. I even tried cooking potatoes on the engine, did not work. I know that when we get to New Zealand that they will be taking all our meat that we have in the freezer. But that will be ok, it is just part of the deal. I think we will be going out for dinner as soon as we clear customs. When we get there we will have sailed over ten thousand miles since we left Chile last March. Not too shabby. So I guess Barb has adapted pretty well to the cruising life. The funny thing is we don’t ever get bored when we are at sea, there is always something that you have to do. We should be in New Zealand either late tomorrow or early the day after. Then we can sleep.

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