Arrived in Puerto Montt

DSC_2244I spent $350 for the extra luggage, got on a direct flight from Toronto to Santiago-Chile and arrived 10 hours later. No trouble getting through Customs as they are not concerned about BBQ grills, bilge pumps and other miscellaneous boat parts. They only look for food, dried or fresh.  Dennis had already made the overnight trip to Santiago to meet me and help with the luggage. We made our way to the bus station for the 6 hour wait to get on the 13 hour bus ride to Puerto Montt.  So after 2 days of travel I am finally here!!

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3 Responses to Arrived in Puerto Montt

  1. Lena says:

    I have never seen you look happier or more relaxed – safe travels my dear friend and looking forward to the updates on your adventures!

  2. cindy says:

    Barb , I am so happy for you and have been reading your updates i went into a world of total aww ,its a dream that i would like to be on but for now i will live that dream through you and Dennis , you look so relaxed and so very happy . Barb take good care and enjoy what God has blessed you both with … love you xox

  3. Leanne Miller says:

    I cant wait to hear more about your adventures! maybe one day ill get the chance to sail around the world. Safe travelsss! 🙂

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