Sunday 8/04/2013 10:00

16 26.596  S 152 14.476 W

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We had to do another motor from Bora Bora to Mautipi, about 27 miles. It gave us a chance to fill up the water tanks, heat some water, take long showers and wash clothes. It was amazing how wonderful it was to take a hot shower in the cockpit without much thought about how much water I was using. The pass into Maupiti has a poor reputation because in rough conditions it can be hazardous. We came through while it was calm and it still looked daunting to me as the waves crashed on the coral nearby. Two days later another sailing vessel came through the pass with full sails and they ended crashing into one the channel markers. It made two large gashes above and at the water line. It also ended up blowing out their jib sail with the force of the impact. Dennis and I noticed that they were in trouble as soon as they anchored nearby. Dennis dingied over and spent an hour or more helping them get their sail down which seemed to have snagged high on the mast. They will probably be here a couple of weeks fixing the 2 large gashes on the side of their boat. These incidents make us appreciate how far we have come and it makes us realize how quickly things can change. We take nothing for granted. Maupiti is a beautiful, quiet, peaceful island. We got a chance to walk and dingy around the island, walk the beautiful white beaches and snorkel with huge Manta rays. There were only 6 boats anchored here so it was very different from Bora Bora. There are several tourist Pensions here which are quaint and beautiful and much cheaper than Bora Bora. The winds today are calm and we have decided to leave for the last of the French Polynesian islands, Mopelia. The pass into Mopelia is supposed to be one of the trickiest because it is very narrow and the ebbing current can reach 6 knots. It will probably be another 100 mile motor but if we had the winds for sailing it would probably make the pass dangerous.DSC_3170

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