Sail to Avatiu Rarotonga in the Cook Islands

Wednesday 8/7/2013 07:30 19 13.514 S 156 53.302 W Posting by Dennis: We left Maupiti a couple of days ago, planning on going to Maupihaa but the wind was out of the southwest which made the very narrow pass just too risky to do. So we continued toward Rarotonga, which is an additional 425 miles to the southwest. Rarotonga is the largest of the Cook islands and it is were we need to clear customs. The wind has gone from out of the northwest, to the southwest and now from the southeast, so we started out doing a tight beat and have gone around so now we are running with the wind just off are stern. Until now it has been blowing fifteen to twenty knots but now it is only about eight knots which makes for a very slow sail. The day before yesterday just as it was getting dark we caught two Wahu at the same time. We let the smaller one go. My fish cleaning skills are definitely improving. So we have been eating fish ever since. Thursday 8/8/2013 12:30 20 36.691 S 158 45.311 W We are still plugging along now at about three knots, which is ok because we would have arrived in the middle of the night now it will be closer to morning. We have been eating some form of fish now for every meal. Barb made some fish chowder yesterday, it is really good and I am looking forward to having it again tonight. She even baked bread yesterday since we were not rolling around too much. If anyone can tell me why our bread always gets so dense please do. It rises and when we punch it down it does not seem to rise the second time. It tastes good but it is not for sandwiches, that’s for sure. All in all it has been a pretty pleasant sail. Not anything very exciting has happened. We have had plenty of time to read and just sit and look out over the endless sea. Friday 8/9/2013 10:00 21 12.286 S 159 47.105 W Arrived at Avatiu, Rarotonga, Cook Islands early this morning and am in the process of clearing customs.

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  1. winterflame says:

    The bread is one of a couple of things. Dense bread is either too much flour or over kneading. Weather temp and humidity levels change the level of flour needed. Not rising a second time is your yeast. It’s either bad ( keep in the frig) or your water temp was too hot for it to activate. Be sure you are using enough sugar to feed the yeast as well.

  2. lindap says:

    Two things with the bread issue…too much flour or too much kneading. Kneading develops the gluten (that is the protein that holds the bread together). My guess is that too much flour makes it really dense and too much kneading makes it gluey. Not positive…but my best guess.
    Love keeping up with your adventures.

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