Hiking Bora Bora

We hiked to the top of this mountain

We hiked to the top of this mountain

Tuesday 7/30/2013 05:00      Posting by Barb:

16 30.112 S     151 45.347 W


We have been running around the little village of Vaitape stocking up on a few fresh things that we can get. Here we have internet so we have been calling family and trying to catch up on what is happening in the rest of the world. It is amazing just how little all that news has any effect on our lives. On Sunday fourteen of us headed out for a fairly tough hike up to the top of Mt. Otemanu. The trail head started from a paved road across the police and fire station. There was a big sign there warning people not to take the hike without an appropriate guide and to check in with the police. We ignored that. For Barb and I it was a hard hike but then we were the only people in the group that have made the 50+ age group club. It was a very steep trail as you hike up over two thousand feet, with no switch backs. At times you have to use ropes to help pull yourself up and other times you use roots, branches, or whatever you could find to hang on to. The trail meanders its way through the jungle and steep cliffs to the top where we are rewarded with a spectacular 360 view of Bora Bora. The view gives us a new perspective of the island, the channel, the coral and the many many resorts found around the lagoon. After an hour of wandering around the top taking pictures it was time for our descent. Going down was tougher than going up as now we have no choice but to ‘look down’ at the steep trail. We crawled and slid our way down envying the few of us that were barely in their 20’s running down the trail. They don’t have the fear of broken bones yet. The full hike took us about 6 hours and we got back to the boat feeling the well deserved muscle ache. We have exceeded the last day of our 90 day visa to explore French Polynesia. We are now planning our next leg of our travels which will probably take us to the Southern Cook Islands, starting with the island of Rarotonga. It is kind of a sad time as we say goodbye to our good friends Rick and Kyra on SV Nyon. Here we will be parting ways as they head to the Northern Cook Islands and then farther westward.

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