Friday 7/19/2013 Papeete Posting by Dennis: Well here we are back in the mooring field in Papeete. Once we got here we see that a boat that was anchored next to us when we were here before is now lying on its side on the beach. It happened at the same time we were helping the catamaran on Moorea. On Sunday we decided to rent a car, after waiting an hour for the bus we gave up and I walked to the airport and got one. It was brand spanking new with only 174 km on it. The guy was very nervous about letting me have it and almost begged me not to damage it. What could happen, I am always so gentle with rental cars, just ask Mr. Backus. After I picked up Barb and Pat we headed to the Rouladde down by the main square in Papeete. A Rouladde is a place were a bunch of food trucks have restaurants set up and they cook the food outside while you watch. The food is really good and way cheaper then at a regular restaurant. After eating we walked the docks and looked at a couple of the mega yachts. They are really incredible and money is no object. The next day we toured around the island. There is basically only one road and it goes around the island. We tried to take a couple of the roads that went inland but they only went in only a few blocks. The one that did go up to a lookout was pretty long, maybe five miles. The view was great, you could look out over the reef and far out onto the ocean. On the way down from the lookout I took a couple of roads that went off to the side they would start out like a narrow road but would soon get smaller and smaller until I was driving down a path with bush rubbing down each side and then it would just end. Soon it was time for Pat to leave. We dropped him off after another meal at the Rouladde and at 11:59 pm he was gone. It was sad to see him go. The entire next day felt kind of odd without him here. He goes back to his life in Minnesota and we continue the adventure without him. On the 18th Barbs dad had his surgery and it all went well so Barb could breath again. So we began loading the boat for the next leg of our journey.

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