Sunday 7/21/2013 19:00 16 46.877 S 151 01.738 W Huahine Posting by Dennis: It was a very rough and long 120 mile ride to get here. When we left Papeete we had the full main up and the yankee out. We had ten to fifteen knots of wind and swells at ten feet and very steep. But then the wind died so we were left motoring in those ten foot swells, not fun at all. After we rounded the island of Moorea the wind piped up and soon we had winds of thirty to forty knots with seas over fifteen feet. The seas were very steep and very confused with waves coming at us from thirty degrees off both sides of the stern with wind roaring straight up the stern. By now I had the main triple reefed and the yankee poled out and we were doing over eight knots surfing down the waves. At times waves would slap the boat and douse us with water. It was kind of spooky in the middle of the night as the wind roared and the waves broke around us. Sleeping was not good to say the least. As we closed in on Huahine we could see the huge surf breaking on the reef and I knew we could not use the pass we had hoped because the waves were rolling in the pass and breaking on the shallow rise. We ended up going through a pass on the North West end of island which was not too bad. Once through we motored back southward behind the reef. I never get tired of watching the huge surf breaking onto the reef, it is just amazing. Once we found a place to anchor and got settled in, I fell asleep almost immediately and slept for the entire night. Today we have been hanging out in the boat working on the blog and cleaning as the wind howls outside and the rain squalls pass by. I just wanted to say I miss you all and think of you often. It is midsummer back in Minnesota, on second thought you can keep the Mosquitoes.

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  1. Pisces says:

    We miss you as well. No mosquitoes today. We are in Corny where it is 55 degrees and droping with rain. It has been a cool spring and summer.

    Maybe Pat will bring some warmth with him when he returns.

    Mike and Audrey

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