Saturday 7/13/2013 17 34.791 S 149 51.949 W 17 35.794 S 149 48.406 W Moorea Posting by Dennis: Over the next week or so we anchored in a couple of incredible spots. While there we hung out on the boat, ate great meals, swam among the coral reefs, hiked around the villages and just enjoyed having Pat with us. Going through the passes to get to these places can be very nerving to say the least. It feels a little strange going through with eight foot high surf tumbling less than a boat length off each side. Once inside the reef you have to try to find a little patch of sand that gives you enough room to swing without hitting any coral and is not too deep. And even after you find a little spit of sand that you can anchor on, you feel very exposed with the coral all around and the wind comes roaring over the reef with nothing to stop it. I am sure that if you look on Google you will see what I am talking about!

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