Baie d’Opumohu, Moorea

Sunday 7/7/2013 14:00 17 30.871 S 149 51.197 W Baie d’Opunohu, Moorea Posting by Dennis: Motored the few miles from Cook Bay to Baie d’Opunohu. We wanted to anchor just behind the reef but there were just too many boats there for me. Other boats came and anchored there but I just don’t feel comfortable especially after what we witnessed a couple of days earlier. So we ended up in the bottom of the bay. It turned out to be a great spot! There was only one other boat there and we hardly ever saw them. On Saturday morning Barb went on a hunt for internet so she could email her family and check on how her dad was doing. She found out he was scheduled for surgery on the 18th. Barb was trying to decide whether she should fly home to be with him. He flatly told her not to come, but she was torn. After Barb returned to the boat we all dinged into shore and hiked around. We hiked passed a shrimp farm and wandered off on a little dirt road which meandered through a couple of vegetables farms. They were growing pineapples, limes, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and other small vegetables. I picked a couple of limes which were great in Pat’s and Barb’s gin and tonics. On the way back we stopped to watch some guys playing botchy ball, which seems to be a big pace time here. Today Pat and I dropped Barb off so she could check her emails and we went off exploring with the dingy. We found a small boat that had been hauled off the reef and was pretty beat up. I am sure it will not float again. It is kind of sobering, I am only one mistake from ending up just like them. People say I am anal about things but when I see boats like this I wonder if I am anal enough.

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