Life at Dockland 5

Posting by Dennis:

Landfall was at Dockland 5 for about six months.  During that time we have done a lot of work to our boat.   The biggest project was installing a new engine.  The keyway on the camshaft was cracked out.

Removing old engine

Removing old engine

I have found out since I sold it that all the push rods were also bent.  So it was either have the old one rebuilt or get a new one. 

The cost of rebuilding the old one was about eleven thousand dollars and getting a new one was going to be close to twenty thousand.

New engine arrives
New engine arrives

So we decided to bite the bullet and opted for a new one.  Being in New Zealand makes it a little tougher, it took a several of months to get.  Then I had to get the old one out and prepare for the new one.  Some of the parts were a lot harder to change because they were installed before anything else was on the boat and so were buried behind other parts.   You end up taking lots of additional things off just so you can swap the engines out.  For example I had to remove the hard dodger.  When I installed it I never planned on taking it off again.  But it came off and went back without a hitch.  I spent many days all bent up trying to work in the lazratte.  DSC_5522Since we had the dodger off we decided to refinish the teak in the cockpit.  And since we were going to refinish the coaming cap boards we may as well rebed them. That meant that we had to pull all the hardware off.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut we hope that this will help with a few of the leaks that we have. 

We ended up doing over hundred different repairs and changes to the  boat.   And the worst part is I have already started the list for next year.  Some of the projects are fun to do like turning the hanging locker into a cabinet with shelves and others were terrible like sanding the bottom which took two long days and turned us smurf blue.  It was the worst!  But when it was all done the boat looked great and it was off to get our final sea trial on the engine. 


We have met a lot of very great people while we have been at Dockland 5. 


DSC_5562DSC_5641Ernst and Inge are wonderful and we enjoyed many happy hours with them.  They have sailed their steel ketch from Germany and have spent the last six years exploring the South Pacific.  Brad and Gloria (Kindred Spirit) are from the US and are spending the winter at Dockland 5.  Gloria has become the local restaurant critic.  So if you are in Whangarei and need to know a place to eat she is the one to talk to.  Chris and Betty are from England and have been here in New Zealand for over twenty five years.  Chris is an expert at just about anything to do with boats and is a banjo player. DSC_5537 Sonke and Tina a wonderful young couple from Germany that we hope to meet up with in Fiji.  And we have spent a lot of time with our good friends Rick And Kyra who have their yacht Nyon in Opua (take good care of our car).  Then we have met Pete and Mel who live in Whangarei Heads.  Mel has become Barb’s hiking buddy and Pete is the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off his back.  We have enjoyed many fun evenings at their home over the last six months.  They do alot to help kids who are wwoofing and are in the process of setting up a glamping site. (Glamorous camping sites)  DSC_4154DSC_5631They are both the best (see you in Fiji).  We have met so many other wonderful people from all over the world.  Many of which we hope to see in Fiji!!

Look in our photo album to see even more pictures!  If we don’t get any comments we will stop posting because apparently no one is reading it anyway….




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4 Responses to Life at Dockland 5

  1. Lisa McIsaac says:

    I love the pics and learning about your adventures! It makes me smile to see you living the dream Barb and to see that your life is finally about you:) Don’t stop with the posts! It will be a great reflection later and it is such a wonderful opportunity to share! Maybe Jax and I will have to plan a trip to come visit you on one of your many adventures:) I sure hope Dylan joins Ally and Mike on their upcoming visit:)

    Lots of love and be safe! xoxo

  2. Dave Newberg says:

    Dennis, regarding your comment, “If we don’t get any comments we will stop posting because apparently no one is reading it anyway….”
    Ha, you must be joking of course. You know that dozens, if not hundreds of people hang on every word of your blog – they live the life through your comments. I send out your blog text to several dozen readers with brief comments of explanation for the non-sailors. And know that more that more readers are joining-in as time passes.
    Remember, you’ve been on land for quite a spell – the rest of us live on land as well, but we live for your sea-faring adventures. So don’t stop posting – in fact, post more often. The knowledge that you actually read our comments will likely inspire us to pen a few words here more often.

    Bon voyage – fair winds.
    Dave & Janet
    Onboard Cigano

  3. Bartholic says:

    Hey Barb and Dennis,
    Don’t stop posting. We all love reading your notes. Just too lazy to write back I guess. I will try to do better.

    We just got back from Colorado. We were out there for Cathleen’s graduation from Denver University. She finished her masters in social work. Jenny and Tyler were there as well. It was wonderful to spend time with all the kids. We loved Tyler. He really pitched in and helped Dan with a few projects. Handy guy to have around.

    We kept Anthem out of the water this spring. We have been scheduled with graduations and weddings so it did not seem worth the cost of the slippage for so little time up there. It will go in the water the end of the month and Dan and I have the month of July off to sail around. Will stay south shore I think as the ice is just off the lake. My colleagues are already complaining about managing my patients for a month but so far I have held off all their attempts to guilt me to stay.

    Hope your next passage is both fun and safe. Congrats on the new engine. Cost more then the last car I bought!

    Love to you both,

  4. Ken McCullough says:

    I read it
    Don’t stop
    We will be in Acklund November 7-15.
    Hope we can see you
    Be safe

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