And now Fiji..

Posting by Barb:

We have been ready and waiting  at Riverside Drive Marina for the last two weeks for a weather window to take us to Fiji.  It has just been one low after another moving thru. So it appears that we finally have a little weather window to go!! It will be a push to get far enough North in the next 3-4 days to avoid an uncomfortable ride with the wind on the nose. We will do it!!

We love New Zealand and the people here so we will be back in November-December.

Fiji here we come!!

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  1. No comments?! I definitely read and follow your blog when able! Glad you had such a great experience in En-Zed (as did we.) Don’t spend too much time in Fiji—allow yourselves time to explore Vanuatu. I’ll write you a real email soon!

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