NZ North Island trip – 90 Mile Beach, Cape Reinga, Te Paki Stream

Posting by Barb:

Our Northern road trip continued with the first stop being 90 Mile Beach. We drove along the sand highway with the ocean roaring alongside of us.  The tide was rising and I was a little apprehensive. There were quite a few warning signs posted of the possibility of loosing your car if by chance you got caught on the beach highway at ‘high’ tide. As the tide continued to rise we continued our speedy trip hoping we would make it to the next beach exit before the water reached our ‘rental’ car. We stopped for the making of a video clip. Dennis planted himself, camera and tripod on the beach and Bill, Ella and I raced towards Dennis in the car as he videoed. Once completing a forward pass we did a pass in reverse making sure we did not run Dennis over. We also did some videos while Dennis was hanging out the window.  

DSC_5381-1 Once safely on pavement we continued on to Cape Reinga, the most Northernly tip of NZ.  We walked to the light house and took many photos again, including the stick-DSC_5391bug we found. 

Cape Reinga is generally considered the separation marker between the Tasman DSC_5402-1Sea to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east. From the lighthouse we watched the tidal race as the two seas clash to create swirling, unsettled waters just off the coast. It was a little unnerving sight for Dennis and I thinking about being caught on the boat in the chaos of that water.

On the way home we stopped at Te Paki Stream and hiked around the magnificent sand dunes. We walked up and down mountains of sand and there were moments when we were surrounded by sand giving us a sense of what a desert would feel like without the extreme heat. DSC_5418DSC_5407


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