NZ North Island trip – Russell, Paihia

Posting by Barb:

We spent a night on Landfall before heading further North. Our first stop was Russell. This was a quaint little tourist town with lots of Art galleries, little boutique shops, restaurants and charming hotels. DSC_5181 There was a cruise ship parked in the harbor so the little town was buzzing with people. There was nowhere to have a picnic so Ella invited herself and us to share a table with a local who seemed to be getting ready to take a snooze on the picnic table. He admitted after that talking to us turned out to be much more interesting than his scheduled nap. From there we decided to take the ferry to Paihia saving ourselves hours of driving as we continued our trek North.  We stopped in Opua hoping to see some our friends who are anchored there but only found S/V Huck, Joe and Heidi, who were on the ‘hard’ working on their boat. We had a quick chat and invited them back to the Motel for a BBQ and drinks. We had a fine night of great food and drinks with our good friends. My only regret is not capturing the moment on camera.

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