Land travel – NZ South Island

Wednesday February 20 2014

Posting by Barb

DSC_3889From Auckland airport we headed directly South to join my sister Caroline and brother in-law Vic (the Millers) who live in Thunder Bay Canada, for a whirlwind 15 day trip on the South Island.  Our new Toyota Corolla station wagon was well packed  with camping gear, boat parts, other miscellaneous items that were on my ‘get’ list from Ontario and our summer clothes. 

We drove on Highway 3, a snaking, narrow little road, which I now realize is probably the norm in NZ. We saw sheep pastures, cow pastures, more pastures, rolling hills and incredible coastlines.

DSC_3885-1 It’s obvious that we are in farm country when there are road signs warning travelers of turning ‘milk’ trucks!! I have a new appreciation of ‘landlubber’ Dennis as he identified and described the useful purpose of every piece of farm equipment we saw on the way. If he wasn’t a seafaring sailor he could have been a farm boy!! After 4 hours of driving we stopped at a quaint little motel and enjoyed a good night sleep as I recovered from jet lag and no sleep for 24 hours or more!!

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