2014 Back in New Zealand

Wednesday February 20 2014

35 44.390 S 174 20.352 E


Posting by Barb

We both spent the last few months of 2013 back home for quality time and beautiful moments with friends, siblings, children and parents. Unfortunately not together as Dennis was in Minneapolis and I was in Ontario.  On January 5th Dennis headed back to NZ with no incidents. On January 15th I started my journey back to NZ after a teary good-bye . The flights were on schedule and everything was as it should be until I tried to depart from Los Angeles. Of course I had no scheduled departing flight from NZ because I planned to leave the country on a boat. I had the documentation to prove that, or so I thought.  It included a letter from the Whangarei Marina, an original boat registration document and a copy of the NZ port of entry papers. What’s missing? Well, nowhere in the documentation did it explicitly say I was crew on S/V Landfall!! Nor could I reach Captain Dennis Ommen to verify that I was crew. What are my options? Stay in L.A. until I get proof that I am crew or purchase an outbound NZ flight. So for $450.00 I have a flight from NZ to Australia for some time in March and I am on the flight to Auckland. 

We are both back together in beautiful, sunny NZ!!  

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