En route to Vanuatu

We departed shortly after lunch on Friday June 8th from Marsden Cove and we are making our way to Vanuatu. We left on a beautiful sunny, light wind day. The second day was also a light wind day and we sailed with the 160 jib for most of the day. By evening the wind picked up, we switched jibs and had a comfortable, although rolly, sail with 20 to 25 sometimes gusting to 30 knots of wind.
We are adjusting to being on the water again and are slowly getting into our sleep and watch patterns. We are making great progress and have already sailed 327 miles with 685 yet to go.
Our current position is
Lat 30 24.375S
Long 173 01.928E
So far this evening we have 15 knots on the beam with about a 1 metre swell.
All is well on board.


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  1. peter thorne says:

    Great to hear was hoping this low we are about to get did not bother you.

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