Sail to NZ

Monday 09:00 30/9/2013

26 27.194 S 178 34.342 E

Posting by Dennis:

Here we motor on our way across to New Zealand. We have now motored for over sixty hours and we still have six hundred miles to go. This is a huge relief for Barb since she has heard such horror stories about this crossing. It is also why we are motoring more then we normally would. Most of the time we would just be content making two knots and just enjoying being out here. Being a couple hundred miles from any shore is the best. There is nothing like it. You look out at the vastness and you see nothing but the gentle rolling swells in the distance and when you are on top of a large swell you can see what looks like forever as the earth curves off in the distance.

DSC_2763We caught a Dorado the first day out so have had a couple meals of fish so far. We have crossed the 180 degrees longitude so now we are on the eastern side of the globe. It is really pretty uneventful we are just plugging along. Barb will be flying home as soon as we get to New Zealand and I will be flying home sometime in the middle of November. I have the usual boat work to get started on. The list is not three pages long like in Chile but it is a good two pages. Most of the things are small so it is not going to be too bad.

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