Cruising with Becky, a Sunday with our host family!!

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Posting by Barb:

Suki had given us an invitation to participate in the Sunday service and we could see that it meant a lot for us to share that day of ‘rest’ day with them.

DSC_5102So early in the morning we got dressed in our ‘Fijian’ Sunday best. That meant a Sulu skirt for Denny. Becky and I had to put on our finest that covered the knees and shoulders. We arrived at Suki and Ba’s home in time for some pictures and then the DSC_5098Lali (Lali ni meke) drums sounded, letting us all know that it was time to go to the church. We were escorted to our own pew for the 1 ½ hour special ‘youth’ service that happens once a year.

DSC_5101After the service we were invited to share in the family feast. I know Ba made it all the more special because we were there! They gave us cutlery although Suki admitted they would eat the Fijian way and also that everything had been cooked the Fijian way (ie nothing fried) all boiled in coconut milk or cooked in the Lovo which is an earth oven (a fire made on in a pit in the ground lined with heat-resistant stones). So we had a variety of fish caught the day before (including a very large fish netted by Ba), Octopus, clams, crab meat which was cooked in a large pot and then nicely re-stuffed in the crab shell, sweet potatoes, greens that tasted much like spinach, and our donated curry rice and our home made coffee cake for dessert. It was a feast in Fijian style!! And yes Becky had a taste of most of it but I can’t say it was her favorite!

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