Cruising with Mike and Allison – Waya Island, Octopus resort, Fiji

August 19 – August 20, 2014

17 16.693 S 177 06.235 E

Posting by Barb:

Our next anchorage was at Waya, Octopus Resort. It was the second time for Denny and me so Mike and Ally took the dinghy and headed into shore. Dinghy handling is something they had to learn along with knot tying. We emphasized that it was their responsibility to ensure that the dinghy was safe, basically our only mode of transportation off the boat.DSC_6400 IMG_3483They enjoyed the pool at the Octopus resort, we joined them for lunch and Happy hour drinks. It was a great place to relax. Allison even went in for an early hour of Yoga. We hiked over the hill to the village on the northern bay and met Nathan, who agreed to take us on the 3 hour return hike to the point that overlooks the Northern Yasawas. We had heard that it was a tough hike so we wanted to do it early enough so that we avoided the hot, hot mid-day sun. So we agreed to meet him at 7 in the morning. So 6:30 the next day we were in the dinghy heading to shore.DSC_6495

DSC_6420IMG_3703At 7 we were by the village and met up with Nathan. It was a tough hike. It was very hard for Denny and I to keep up with the 20 something young ones and Nathan who ran up hill barefoot. We found it easier if they went ahead and we could just go at our own pace. We tracked through pig farms, plantations, climbed some rock outcroppings and continued up and up hill for an hour. It was tough!! We had to do a 50 foot DSC_6415climb up a steep rock incline to get to the very top and what a view we had. Let the pictures on our photo album speak for themselves. Allison did say that was also a highlight for her.   DSC_6413 

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