Cruising with Mike and Allison – Navity Island, Botaira Beach resort, Fiji

August 18

17 07.055 S 177 12.927 E

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IMG_3600From Blue Lagoon we made our way south and anchored at a little, tired resort. It offered a great deck for the sunset views. The resort may have been a little run down but the staff working there made up for it. They played with



the children of the resort patrons as if they were their own children. We loved the bartender ‘Missy’ who was full of life, love and laughter. He didn’t even flinch when we inadvertently left without paying and had dinghy back after we realized the tab had been



left unpaid. The highlight for Mike and Ally was the Kava ceremony. Sadly, they weren’t going to experience Kava through any Sevu Sevu ceremony so they were invited to participate along with resort patrons. There wasn’t even a glint of concern that we were not staying at the resort but they welcomed our presence. DSC_6372DSC_6369Mike and Allison hung around the kava bowl for second, thirds, fourths… It did numb the lips and tongue with the



initial drink. Other than that I felt no other side effect until we went to sleep. Yes, we all had a fantastic sleep full of dreams and Allison was lethargic all of the next day. Kava hangover!!




We did some snorkeling here as we have done at most all anchorages but here we saw the large clams. That was a treat as well!


Our large clam

Our large clam

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