NZ South Island Journey – Wellington

Thursday February 20 2014

Posting by Barb

We had an early rise and made our way to Wellington where we were to meet up with the ‘Millers’ and their rented motorhome. We made a couple of food stops on the way  and the most memorable  was Pete’s famous ‘pie’. Anyone visiting NZ has to have ‘pie’!! The selection was extensive and included smoked fish, meat and cheese, mushrooms and beef, chicken and cranberry, curried chicken and on and on.

We arrived in Wellington late in the afternoon and had a joyful reunion with the ‘Millers’. Wellington, capital of NZ, is a quaint little town with most homes nestled in the hills, some only accessible by a trolley up a steep, rocky embankment. 

ADSC_3892t DSC001646:00 am DSC00170we made DSC_3897our way to the Interisland ferry and we were the first in line. It was a beautiful crossing thanks to the sunny, blue sky day.



Land travel – NZ South Island

Wednesday February 20 2014

Posting by Barb

DSC_3889From Auckland airport we headed directly South to join my sister Caroline and brother in-law Vic (the Millers) who live in Thunder Bay Canada, for a whirlwind 15 day trip on the South Island.  Our new Toyota Corolla station wagon was well packed  with camping gear, boat parts, other miscellaneous items that were on my ‘get’ list from Ontario and our summer clothes. 

We drove on Highway 3, a snaking, narrow little road, which I now realize is probably the norm in NZ. We saw sheep pastures, cow pastures, more pastures, rolling hills and incredible coastlines.

DSC_3885-1 It’s obvious that we are in farm country when there are road signs warning travelers of turning ‘milk’ trucks!! I have a new appreciation of ‘landlubber’ Dennis as he identified and described the useful purpose of every piece of farm equipment we saw on the way. If he wasn’t a seafaring sailor he could have been a farm boy!! After 4 hours of driving we stopped at a quaint little motel and enjoyed a good night sleep as I recovered from jet lag and no sleep for 24 hours or more!!

2014 Back in New Zealand

Wednesday February 20 2014

35 44.390 S 174 20.352 E

Posting by Barb

We both spent the last few months of 2013 back home for quality time and beautiful moments with friends, siblings, children and parents. Unfortunately not together as Dennis was in Minneapolis and I was in Ontario.  On January 5th Dennis headed back to NZ with no incidents. On January 15th I started my journey back to NZ after a teary good-bye . The flights were on schedule and everything was as it should be until I tried to depart from Los Angeles. Of course I had no scheduled departing flight from NZ because I planned to leave the country on a boat. I had the documentation to prove that, or so I thought.  It included a letter from the Whangarei Marina, an original boat registration document and a copy of the NZ port of entry papers. What’s missing? Well, nowhere in the documentation did it explicitly say I was crew on S/V Landfall!! Nor could I reach Captain Dennis Ommen to verify that I was crew. What are my options? Stay in L.A. until I get proof that I am crew or purchase an outbound NZ flight. So for $450.00 I have a flight from NZ to Australia for some time in March and I am on the flight to Auckland. 

We are both back together in beautiful, sunny NZ!!  

Arriving in New Zealand

Tuesday 10/15/2013

35 43.417 S 174 19.582 E

Posting by Barb

DSC_3604We have finally made it to New Zealand, our final destination for 2013. It has been an amazing year. Over 10,000 miles, 208 cruising days, 20 plus islands starting in the Marquesas’ and then on to the Tuamotos’, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga and finally New Zealand. We have met some pretty amazing people, experienced the taste of local food and customs and explored the nooks and crannies of all the islands that we visited.

DSC_3630Clearing NZ customs in Marsden Cove was not that painful. We were tied to the quarantine dock for a couple of hours and then we had a visit from 2 customs and immigration officers. They left with a bag full of our foods which included our dried beans, popcorn, and pork roasts that we had left in our freezer. Our flour and spices showed no sign of infestation so we got to keep that. It would have all been eaten had we not lost our propane half way to New Zealand.

I have left my home on Landfall to spend a little time with my family in Ontario. Dennis will be in Whangarei for another month or so to work on some of the many of the projects on his ‘to do’ list. I think he was looking forward to having the boat to himself for a little while so that he could tear it all up, dig out his tools and putter without having to worry about making a little living space for me.

I DSC_3614already miss the salty smell of the air, the vastness of horizons bounded by the sky above,  the safety of our little boat and the feeling of such freedom.

But we both have return tickets to New Zealand for January 2014 to start cruising again.