Motor onward

Sunday 11/18/2014 26 21.641 S 176 28.236 E Posting by Dennis: It was another day of motoring!!! If this keeps up it will be close if we will have enough fuel. We still have about five days to go and the grib files are saying light winds for most of the trip. Well at least we will not have any rough seas. We even put out fishing lines today but know luck at all. We are traveling in a pack of about five boats so we check with each other and see how everyone is doing. The seas are oily smooth so motoring goes well. It gives us all plenty of time to read books!

Near perfect sailing conditions

Sunday 11/16/2014 22 28.580 S 177 01.436 E Posting by Barb: Winds did lighten up but we have managed to sail with our 160. And it was a beautiful sail with an average speed of about 5.5 knots. There has been very little swell so it was smooth sailing. Becky has been sunning in her bikini all day and Denny was on deck serving us platters of fresh veggies, cheese, salami and olives and then for dessert chocolate ice cream. So life is very very good here on landfall. P.S. We would love to go fishing but have too much meat to finish before landing in NZ.

1st day out

Sunday 11/16/2014 21 29.833 S 177 13.399 E Posting by Dennis We are sailing along doing really well. We did about 150 miles yesterday. We were on a beat in a 1 to 2 meter sea, with winds in the low twenties. So it was fairly choppy to say the least. Both Barb and Becky were not feeling good at all. but today the winds are lighter and we will be motoring soon I am sure. So life is good here on landfall. ————————————————- Do not push the “reply” button to respond to this message if that includes the text of this original message in your response. Messages are sent over a very low-speed radio link. The most concise way to reply is to send a NEW message If you DO use your reply button, be sure to delete the original message text and these instructions from your reply. Replies should not contain attachments and should be less than 5 kBytes (2 text pages) in length. This email was delivered by an HF private coast station in the Maritime Mobile Radio Service, operated by the SailMail Association, a non-profit association of yacht owners. For more information on this service or on the SailMail Association, please see the web site at:

Sailing to the Lau Group, Fiji

Wednesday 07/2/2014

Posting By Dennis and Barb:

17 13.222S 178 58.042W

On Tuesday July 1st (HAPPY CANADA DAY!!) we left Savusavu to sail to the Eastern Lau group of Islands in Fiji. We knew it would be a difficult sail as the prevailing winds are easterly. When we left Savusavu heading for the Exploring Isles the wind was dead on the nose, as predicted, So we sailed a tight beat with only about one knot of our speed going in the right direction. Landfall does not do all that well going to the weather. But it was a beautiful sail with a wonderful fifteen to twenty knot breeze. We put out a fishing line and managed to catch a fish (species unknown until we can get internet to identify). What we can tell you is that it was very good eating. Overnight the winds died down and we managed to motor-sail straight to our waypoint destination. On the second day we caught a Dorado (too little so we set it free) and a little Barracuda, which we also threw back. We arrived at our first destination, Daliconi village where we will do our first Sevusevu. We had to anchor in torrential rain and high winds. It took us 3 tries before the anchor finally grabbed, about the same time as when the rain stopped. We are here with another sailboat, Sea Whisper, which we have previously met in Tahiti and in Bora Bora. They are also Canadians from Vancouver and have family visiting so they have a boat full!! Tomorrow morning we will go to the little village and present our Kava gift for our Sevusevu.Stay tuned for our Sevusevu adventure!!

Here we are in Fiji

Sunday 22/06/2014 20:00

16 46.634 S 179 19.754 E

Posting by Barb

It feels really great to be sitting here in Fiji, even if it is on a Quarantine buoy! We arrived at 3:30 Sunday afternoon with just enough time to navigate into the bay, get in contact with the marina, arrange for customs for tomorrow and grab a quarantine buoy. Putting aside a few boat maintenance issues it was an uneventful sail. That is not to say it was an easy sail, especially for me, as the winds were strong and we did have to outrun a ‘low’ which promised some heavy rain and wind (which we successfully did outrun). Dennis tracked our course to take advantage of the winds as indicated on the weather grib files. I sometimes, just for a very short second, doubted the direction we were going to, as it was not a straight course to Fiji, but here we are safe and sound and in record time! We didn’t catch any fish on this trip and that is because we didn’t drop a line (just too many other things keeping us busy). So we are off for a good night’s sleep, customs tomorrow morning early, a couple of days of R&R and boat maintenance then we are off to explore Fiji. Yahoo!!

IT goes on and on

Thursday 19/6/2014 20:00 22 23.248 S 178 06.598 E Sailing to Fiji Posting by Dennis We have had a lot of wind these last couple of days. We sailed most of today running down wind in 25 to 35 knots. We did most of it with only a double reefed main. To top it all off we now seem to have a leak in our fuel tank so every couple of hours I have to sponge up the diesel that has leaked into the boat, what a mess. So I know what we will be doing when we get to Fiji. I just hope it does not get any worse before we get there. It is never a dull moment here on Landfall. I should be able to patch it and then have a new tank made when we get back to New Zealand. The list just keeps growing. But we are doing well despite all of this. We should be at anchor late Sunday and be able to check in on Monday. Barb made a great pumpkin soup yesterday and tonight we had chicken pot pies. Life is good!

Slow Going

Tuesday 17/6/2014 06:00 26 19.540 S 178 09.285 E Sailing to Fiji Posting by Dennis We have had a hard night of out here. The wind is not all that strong but it is on the nose and changes direction all the time so you have to constantly be out adjusting things. We have about 600 miles to go but it is slow going when our VMG (velocity made good) is only around 3 knots. Then earlier this morning there was a large bang and one of the bails on the boom had broken so we had to drop the main and make a new one out of line that will have to last us until we get back to New Zealand. Other than that we have been just hanging on for the ride!!

on our way

Sunday 15/6/2014 20:30 28 46.708 S 178 15.193 E Sailing to Fiji Posting by Barb I have figured out that it takes about three days for me to re-adjust to being out in the water, getting my sense of balance and getting used to a schedule of frequent naps versus a long night’s sleep. Even the appetite is not the same. We seem to eat more often but smaller meals or more snacks. So I am finally coming around and feeling more like myself. Dennis on the other hand seems to be happiest when he is out on the water and doesn’t seem to need that adjustment time. We have had a range of wind in the last 24 hours from 10 knots to gusting 30 knots. Last night was a squally night which kept Dennis up for most of the night and I slept on and off through most of it thanks to the 2 Gravol tablets that I decided to take. Today was a beautiful day with warmer, steady 15 – 20 knot winds and calm seas so it was a great sail. WE even spotted a beautiful Albatross flying near the boat!! And tonight is promising to be a beautiful clear night with continuing 15 knot winds and slowly inching at 4-5 knots. It should make for a good night’s sleep for both of us!! Dennis and I would like to wish our Dads a very Happy Father’s Day!!!

on our way

Saturday 14/6/2014 01:30 32 21.477 S 176 19.720 E Sailing to Fiji Posting by Dennis We are off! IT took a while but we are finally on our way. We left yesterday around 10 am. So we motored out with very little wind into pretty big rollers which made for a not so comfortable ride. After a few hours we were able to start sailing and the wind continued to build as well as the seas. We spent most of yesterday in on and of rain, twelve foot seas and twenty to thirty knot winds. We did really well speed wise doing over seven knots most of the day. Barb was sea sick doing her projectile vomiting over the side. Once we were out here a while she got better. It feels so great to be out on the water again. The moon is so bright that Barb saw a rainbow a little while ago. The winds and seas have calmed down now and we are moving nicely along at six knots.

Arriving in New Zealand

Tuesday 10/15/2013

35 43.417 S 174 19.582 E

Posting by Barb

DSC_3604We have finally made it to New Zealand, our final destination for 2013. It has been an amazing year. Over 10,000 miles, 208 cruising days, 20 plus islands starting in the Marquesas’ and then on to the Tuamotos’, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga and finally New Zealand. We have met some pretty amazing people, experienced the taste of local food and customs and explored the nooks and crannies of all the islands that we visited.

DSC_3630Clearing NZ customs in Marsden Cove was not that painful. We were tied to the quarantine dock for a couple of hours and then we had a visit from 2 customs and immigration officers. They left with a bag full of our foods which included our dried beans, popcorn, and pork roasts that we had left in our freezer. Our flour and spices showed no sign of infestation so we got to keep that. It would have all been eaten had we not lost our propane half way to New Zealand.

I have left my home on Landfall to spend a little time with my family in Ontario. Dennis will be in Whangarei for another month or so to work on some of the many of the projects on his ‘to do’ list. I think he was looking forward to having the boat to himself for a little while so that he could tear it all up, dig out his tools and putter without having to worry about making a little living space for me.

I DSC_3614already miss the salty smell of the air, the vastness of horizons bounded by the sky above,  the safety of our little boat and the feeling of such freedom.

But we both have return tickets to New Zealand for January 2014 to start cruising again.