Motor onward

Sunday 11/18/2014 26 21.641 S 176 28.236 E Posting by Dennis: It was another day of motoring!!! If this keeps up it will be close if we will have enough fuel. We still have about five days to go and the grib files are saying light winds for most of the trip. Well at least we will not have any rough seas. We even put out fishing lines today but know luck at all. We are traveling in a pack of about five boats so we check with each other and see how everyone is doing. The seas are oily smooth so motoring goes well. It gives us all plenty of time to read books!

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  1. Leah Richardson says:

    Miss you and think about you often. Nothing new on the home front. Unusually cold for Tx. got a little dusting of snow, but will be back in the 70’s this weekend. Ben and I went to Mexico for a week with some friends. Love to read about your adventures. Say hello to Becky. Hugs to you and Barb!

  2. Dave Newberg says:

    Hey Landfallers. We hope you’ll make it to the annual Marina Holiday Party this year, but if you’re not there, we’ll certainly be talking about you. We all miss you in Corny, but we love your tales of adventure.
    Happy sailing
    Janet & Dave
    s.v. Cigano

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