Slow Going

Tuesday 17/6/2014 06:00 26 19.540 S 178 09.285 E Sailing to Fiji Posting by Dennis We have had a hard night of out here. The wind is not all that strong but it is on the nose and changes direction all the time so you have to constantly be out adjusting things. We have about 600 miles to go but it is slow going when our VMG (velocity made good) is only around 3 knots. Then earlier this morning there was a large bang and one of the bails on the boom had broken so we had to drop the main and make a new one out of line that will have to last us until we get back to New Zealand. Other than that we have been just hanging on for the ride!!

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  1. Mark Lindberg says:

    So jealous of you guys but we love reading about our heroes!
    PS If you had a motor yacht wouldn’t have to mess with those dumb sails 🙂

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