NZ South Island Journey – Buller Gorge, Westport, Hokitika, Haast

Posting by Barb

We zigzagged our way through the narrow, twisty mountain road, crossing many ‘one’ way bridges with one side of the traffic always ‘giving way’ or as we would say ’yielding’ to any oncoming traffic. It was a challenging drive in a large motor home.

DSC_2966We stopped at Buller Gorge, historically a gold mining location but the ‘mother load’ was never found. We spent a night at a campsite in Westport and the next morning we roamed the town for warmer clothes and rain gear for Caroline and Vic. They had come well prepared for warm weather but the Western side of the South Island seemed to have cooler temperatures and some wetter weather.

DSC_4065We finally made our way to Hokitika, the location for the famous blow holes and pancake rocks. The rough seas provided great entertainment as the sea water smashed against the rocks and pushed their way up create spectacular seawater blows. 

DSC_4096Haast provided our first sighting of the glowworms nestled among the trees and rocks. We had to creep up to them in the dark as they are sensitive to noise and light. The day ended with a beach walk with a breathtaking sunset.

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