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Friday 11/16/2018 04:00 Position 27 32.153S 154 31.417E We have been motoring for the last 24 hours. Seas are really flat now, but the boat still has a little roll. All is really well here. Had four more hits on the fishing lures. one was a sail fish that ran the line out and then broke it. It is to bad that we seem to catch them on the small reel. the drag on the reel just gets hot as the fish peels out 600 feet of line. It does not take them long either. the thing just screams. While we where motoring yesterday we were able to make water and each have a hot shower. I was just out checking for boats and saw the largest meteor I have ever seen. It lit up the entire sky, it was amazing. We should be in Australia today but will not do customs until Monday so will not have internet until after that some time. So will talk as soon as we can. Love to all Landfall ————————————————- Do not push the “reply” button to respond to this message if that includes the text of this original message in your response. Messages are sent over a very low-speed radio link. The most concise way to reply is to send a NEW message If you DO use your reply button, be sure to delete the original message text and these instructions from your reply. Replies should not contain attachments and should be less than 5 kBytes (2 text pages) in length. This email was delivered by an HF private coast station in the Maritime Mobile Radio Service, operated by the SailMail Association, a non-profit association of yacht owners. For more information on this service or on the SailMail Association, please see the web site at:

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