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5/29/2017 Position 39 00.266S 178 13.387E We are moving our way up the east coast of New Zealand. It has been a hard trip so far with 30 plus knots of wind, rain, and big seas. but now as we get close to East Cape the winds have died and the weather has greatly improved. It is almost nice out. We have lots of shipping traffic around us so we maintain a very keel lookout. We are planning on rounding East cape tomorrow and then we head west, probably to Tauranga. But that is always up to change depending on the winds. we think of you all every day! Love ya Dennis & Barb ————————————————- Do not push the “reply” button to respond to this message if that includes the text of this original message in your response. Messages are sent over a very low-speed radio link. The most concise way to reply is to send a NEW message If you DO use your reply button, be sure to delete the original message text and these instructions from your reply. Replies should not contain attachments and should be less than 5 kBytes (2 text pages) in length. This email was delivered by an HF private coast station in the Maritime Mobile Radio Service, operated by the SailMail Association, a non-profit association of yacht owners. For more information on this service or on the SailMail Association, please see the web site at:

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