Uoleva Island, Tonga

Friday 9/13/2013 19:00

19 50.979 S 174 24.904 W

Posting by Dennis:

DSC_3401This is an amazingly beautiful spot. It is a gentle bay with a wide white sand beach. It is a very easy place to get into and you could easily make your way in in the dark. You place your anchor in about twenty feet of water on a clean sand bottom with great holding. One boat that does charters went in anchored within a hundred feet from shore. It remains deep all the way in. This is not a place that you will probably be alone because it is so very nice. When we were there, there were seven boats scattered around the bay.


During the day we hiked the beaches until it got to hot DSC_3405and we felt well cooked. I was limited in the amount I could hike because I had cut my foot when a sharp lime stone punctured through my sneaker and my foot while hiking in Niue. So I spent my time hiding under the trees trying to stay out of the sun. I even spent one afternoon on the boat while Barb and the ‘little one’ , Rosemary, went hiking and snorkeling.







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