Enroot to Beveridge Reef

Friday 8/23/2013 02:30 20 31.148 S 165 50.820 W http://maps.google.com/?z=7&t=k&q=loc:20%2031.148S%20165%2050.820W Posting by Dennis: It has been a very slow passage so far. We left on Monday at about 10 in the morning. We ended up motoring for about sixteen hours. It gave us time to wake water and to top the batteries off really good. The best thing was that we caught two more tuna. So we picked the biggest one and let the other one go. The fish are a lot more fun to catch when you can slow the boat down and not just drag the fish along as the boat is sailing at six knots. So we have been eating a lot of fish again, not that I mind one bit. On Tuesday we sailed most of the day with wind starting just off the starboard bow and it has been slowly clocking around to the Southeast. By the time it is done we will have been on every point of sail. We made less than sixty mile on Tuesday a slow but nice sail. On Wednesday we made a whapping 80 miles and then yesterday we made a respectable hundred and twenty. Now the wind is off the stern and is very light and variable. The roll and banging is not pleasant at all. It makes sleeping pretty hard but we only have a hundred and fifteen more miles to go so we will make it. All in all it has been a very enjoyable sail, pretty relaxing with plenty of time to read while on watch. I even watch a movie early this morning. Well that is all for now.

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