Less than 300 miles to NZ

We had estimated a 10 day sail to New Zealand. WE are now on the 14th day of our passage to New Zealand and we still have another 288 miles to go. We did spend a couple of days drifting at 25 degrees south, avoiding any south until the 2 lows that had been forecasted passed New Zealand. Once we re-started our passage it has been a struggle with wind direction. It has persistently been blowing straight from our planned waypoint destination accompanied with waves and large swells from the last low. It can be a little discouraging when either sail tack takes you away from the waypoint (ie negative velocity made good) and motoring is not an option because of the large seas on the nose. But we learned to accept and just started to enjoy the journey. So we continue to read, watch movies, experiment with sail tweaking, cooked and ate most of the foods customs will take and took turns being the ‘pest’, having fun. We have experienced all kinds of wind challenges from no wind to lots of to deluge of wind which was a 10 minute squall of 45 plus knots which slammed the boat. The squall made me appreciate our decision to avoid he NZ lows!! WE have had a few minor problems like bilge pump not working (filter clogged with crap from healing too much during the squall), breaking of the topping lift and a little scare when our engine would not start but a new gas filter fixed that. All problems that Denny fixed pretty quickly. We are nearing the end of our passage and expect to arrive in NZ on Thursday November 24th, just in time for American Thanksgiving. Maybe I will fill Marsden Cove with the smell of a cooked turkey dinner (good memories with Becky) but Denny said not a price for the NZ turkey,$35.00 for a 5 pound turkey. We may have to settle for chicken!! Next post will be from NZ. PS. No fish this time. We didn’t try. There is still too much fish in the freezer!!

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