Fiji 2016 – Anchorage #2 – Rabi Island

September 14 – 18

16 27.314S 179 55.990W

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Posting by Barb:

Back to cruising where the white beaches are

It was a beautiful sail to Rabi Island. Close to our planned anchorage we hooked another fish on the rod and reel.dsc_6367 We probably had hooked another fish on the trolled line but the coke bottle-Oreo cookie lure was bitten clean off. I was a little nervous about losing this fish again. It was hard to tell what we had on the line as it just seemed to dive deep taking a ton of line off the spool. After 20 minutes of playing with the fish we got it close enough to see that it was a nice size Wahoo. We did bring it on board and managed to bend the gaff in the process. dsc_6371


Rabi was a pleasant anchorage and we were the “little boat” again with a 62’ Dashew on one side and a 52’ Catamaran on the other side. Denny ended up getting sick with a flu bug that seemed to be going around in Savu Savu making our friends Ernst and Michael sick. This particular virus seemed to like male hosts only, luckily for me. So while Denny recuperated I played with my Kayak.


dsc_6377The island offered nice sandy, white beaches and we even managed to have a beautiful picnic on a nicely deserted beach. We did a little snorkeling but there really wasn’t anything to exciting here. A walk through the nearby local homestead, which we did while they were away for the night, left Denny and I a little sad. dsc_6381It was drab and a little unclean and there were some large pigs and many, many piglets making themselves at home while the family was away.dsc_9611 Maybe Copra was their main source of income but they were obviously very poor. After 4 days in Rabi we felt it was time to leave.


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