Baie Hanamenu

Sunday 5/6/13 21:00 09 45.871 S 139 08.453 W 45.871S 139 08.453W Baie Hanamenu Posting by Dennis: This is the neatest place so far. We got here yesterday just after dark, not a good plan but it worked out ok. The plotter charts for this area are spot on so that helps a lot. You just get up in the morning and go so “so this is where we are”. Part of the reason we were so late in getting in was that we caught another fish. This time it was a yellow tail tuna. Not nearly as big as the other tuna we caught but the perfect size for us. It takes me an hour to clean the fish and then clean up the boat afterwards. I did a lot better job cleaning this one then the last two, they were kind of hack jobs. When we got anchored we rowed over to a catamaran that was anchored nearby and gave them some of our fish. They welcomed us aboard for a drink and stories of our adventures. They were from New Caledonia and said that we would have to come and visit on our way by. This bay is very long and has very steep sides rising almost straight up out of the water. The bay is not all that deep which is great for anchoring. It has a long black sand beach at the end with an abandoned coconut plantation behind it. We spent a good part of the day exploring the ruins and found a wonderful cool fresh water spring that dumped into a cool crystal clear pool. It was wonderful to climb into the pool and rinse the salt off our bodies. The cool water was so refreshing after hiking around in the heat. While hiking around we found the stone platforms from were houses used to be. We also found a pig trap, which is nothing more than a deep pit with palm branches laid over it and then bait is hung over that. Pigs and horses seem to be a problem because they have gone wild and have totally over grazed some islands. Some of the old homes seem to be very well kept and must be used like cabins by the people from town. I talked to a local guy in Baie Hanaiapa and he said four families live there. But when we were there none of them were home so we had the place totally to our selves.

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