Suva, Fiji

November 14, 2014

18 07.256 S 178 25.262 E

Posting by Barb:

Dennis, Becky and I spent almost a month in Fulaga, Fiji and it is without a doubt the prettiest island in Fiji. So we have a few stories to tell about this magical place but it will have to wait until we arrive in New Zealand. However I did post the Fulaga pictures in our photo album.

We have been in Suva provisioning, socializing and weather monitoring for a week. It looks like the weather window for a sail to New Zealand has arrived so we are leaving in a couple of hours. We did manage to fix our SSB problem and give it a trial test run so we will be posting our locations when we can. We anticipate that it will be a 10 – 12 day sail but so far the weather window is predicting very light winds so it may take us a little longer than that. No worries!

Although we loved Fiji we are excited to be going back to New Zealand!!!

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  1. Lisa says:

    So enchanting…. Wanting o come visit and experience your paradise! Love you and wishing for fair weather and smooth sailing<3 xo

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