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Finally caught Fish

Dennis woke me up early Thursday morning to let me know that he had just pulled in a fish hooked on our trolling line and that I should come out and look to see if we wanted to keep it. It wasn’t a Tuna. The fish was about 3 feet long but shaped like a snake with huge eyes. It was not pretty. It was also dead so we decided that we did not want to keep that one. But at least it gave us some comfort that the lure we were using was attracting fish. We also decided that trolling in the nighttime, when we may not be watching the line, was not a good thing to do.
By mid day the winds had died down and we had to switch from the 160 back to the spinnaker. That meant less rolling and a smoother sail. Dennis noticed that there were some small metal filings on board and made an assumption that there was something going on with the pole we were using for the 160. So you know Dennis, he is all about maintenance to prevent major issues that could result in expensive repairs. So we tore the V-berth apart, dug out tools and parts and proceeded to take apart the pole on deck. Dennis on one end doing the fixing and me at the front of the boat holding and pulling the pole at his command. He did find the problem and he did fix it and it is better than before!! But the way the wind is now, it may be a while before we use the 160 again.
So at 8:00 in the evening we were both sitting on the cockpit enjoying the smooth sail and the sunset and I was contemplating heading down below to heat up left over for dinner. When I got up I noticed the trolling line seemed to have something on the end. I gave the line a little pull and sure enough we had a live fish. We had made the line extra long so that the lure was well behind the boat so it took a little while to pull the line in. I was halfheartedly making jokes about what ugly fish we may have on the line this time. Halfway in Dennis exclaimed “It’s a Tuna!!”  Well that changed everything. Now the pressure was on me to get that Tuna on board. I managed to get it to the side of the boat so that Dennis could haul it in and then I gave him the line. We had previously rehearsed what our roles would be so we would be prepared if by chance we did catch a Tuna.  But all that flew out the window for me and all I could think of was getting that sucker on board. But luckily Dennis remained calm and had to give me very simple instructions of where and how to get the gaff put together. I took the line back, walked towards the front of the boat to bring the Tuna close so that Dennis could hook him with the gaff. And it all went according to plan. As Dennis lifted him out of the water the tuna flicked himself off the hook and line but luckily landed in the cockpit. What a beautiful 20 lb Tuna!!! Stay tuned for pictures in our photo album which we will post when we have internet. Dennis did a great, but very amateur job cutting off our Tuna steaks and we now have enough Tuna for a while and even managed to freeze a couple of meals. We did not waste much!! Within 3 hours we were sitting back and eating the freshest Tuna steaks we ever had that we fried with nothing but a little olive oil and some fresh limes sprinkled on top just before serving it up!! Wow is all I can say! And tomorrow we plan to make Sushi.
It was an experience of a lifetime.

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5 Responses to Tuna

  1. Jim Welinski says:

    Thanks for your updates – your stories are terrific – especially for a snow bound sailor. Have safe travels!

  2. Robert Way says:

    Head for Japan. Tuna fetches a grand price. (You could retire, ha. ha). I re-member when my friend & I caught a salmon, (many years ago). We stuffed ourselves. We even tried to use leftover salmon for bait.
    Are you singing songs together yet.? Who will be the first to say: “Land off the bow “.

  3. Ken Rud says:

    Denny and Barb,

    What a blast you guys are having – I finally got my computer skills up and running and will follow you through your trip. The Tuna catch reminds me of our Salmon experience on Lake Superior with blood all over the place at 2:00 in the morning. The little things sometimes become the biggest memories!
    Be Careful,

    Love Ken and Sande

  4. Jerry Noland says:

    I am happy to hear that you have fresh fish! It sounds like you are having fun and I look forward to future posts of your adventure.
    Bev & Jerry

  5. Steve Barrett says:

    Congrats on catching the tuna. Great to see you have having fun so far on your journey. Will keep on checking your site for updates. Safe travels and may the wind always be at your back 🙂

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