Turned West

Friday 3/29/13 23:00
20 28.568 S
83 32.059 W
http://maps.google.com/?z=7&t=k&q=loc:20 28.568S 83 32.059W

Heading West

We finally made the turn and are now heading West versus North and so we are getting further and further away from the South American coastline. The weather is getting warmer although for the last few days it has been mainly cloudy. I am already in shorts and it will probably take Dennis another week or so before he is in shorts. The last couple of days the wind has settled into a pattern. In the mornings there is a nice breeze but the waves are fairly large so the boat rolls quite a bit. By the afternoon the waves and the wind settles and we can have a nice afternoon in the cockpit. By evening the wind start to pick up and we start experiencing a nice fast sail. From 20:00 to midnight the wind gusts and can go from 10 to 25 knots in a matter of seconds. I am starting to get used to this and not get the feeling of terror as the boat heels 30 degrees. Yesterday our keyboard went flying during one of the wind gusts but it still works!!
Based on our average boat speed for the last couple of days we should be arriving in the Marquesa Islands in about 4 weeks or 28 days.
We are now trolling a new lure and fishing line but still no fish. I was hoping to have fresh fish for Good Friday. Oh well, I do have some chocolate for Easter Sunday!!

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2 Responses to Turned West

  1. Bev McFadyen says:

    Your trip so far sounds awesome. It appears you are getting your sea legs. Here’s to some smooth sailing.

  2. Lena Griffis says:

    It is great to read your updates – not sure I could handle all that rolling about…lol Glad you had some chocolate for easter. Happy sailing!

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