Sitting in Toronto

Friday, March 08, 2013

Toronto Canada

Here I sit in the Toronto airport waiting for a flight to take me back to Chile.  The trip back to Chile should not be to bad it will only be two days.  Unlike the trip from Chile to St. John’s which took over four days.  I ended up staying in Toronto for two days because of fog in St John’s.  I went to St. johns to do a few things to Barbs house that the buyer wanted done before closing.  I was able to get all the repairs done to the house so that the buyers could do an inspection on Wednesday.  That gave me Thursday to run around St John’s and do a little shopping for Barb.

Barb just called me and told me that the freezer has stopped working.  Great, now when I get to the boat tomorrow night I will have to get right to work so we don’t lose all the meat that is in the freezer.  Boats are really constant work.  My work is never done.  I never lack things to do that is for sure.  I am still hoping that we will be able to leave on Wednesday, but we will be very busy.  Everything takes way longer here, not just because we are always waiting for the bus.  For example just before I left we were standing in the line to buy some cheese, when we got to the counter the guy waved us off pointing to his lunch that had just been brought to him.  He pushed us out of the way and shut the doors and went inside, leaving a line of three or four customers to wonder when he would open again.  We came back an hour later and he was still not open.  Customer relations are not their strong suite.  This is not an isolated case but is the norm here.  They can have hours posted on the door but that does not really mean much either.  One has to learn to be very patient, but it is very trying.  So I guess we leave when we leave.

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  1. michael says:

    good to see the new blog with photos. A long time coming, and here’s hoping you’ve the time and means to keep things current. Best wishes for a safe, happy passage.

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