Arrival of Mike and Allison

August 9, 2014 – August 11, 2014

Vuda Point Marina

17 40.842 S 177 23.204 E

Posting by Barb:

DSC_6540As Denny will attest to, I have been working myself up to a frenzy of excitement as the BIG day approached. And it finally arrived!! We picked up ‘my little girl’ and her boyfriend at Nadi airport and we had them all to ourselves for 3-4 weeks. We gave them a couple of days at Vuda Point Marina to get some rest and climatize to the beautiful Fiji weather. They spent a couple of hours lounging at the ‘First Landing’ Resort next to the marina. IMG_3348They came with us on the open air local bus to the big city ‘Latoka’ to help us provision for the couple of weeks. They enjoyed the wining and dining with , Heidi, Joe and Joe’s  son Mark, the crew of Huck (another Shannon yacht). DSC_4329On Sunday ,August 10th we pulled out of the marina and headed for a couple of weeks cruising in the Yasawas. It was a delight to see the wonder and pure joy on DSC_6147Allison’s and Mike’s face as the boat left the safe harbor and out to the island strewn sea of Fiji. Blue, turquoise water peppered with the small white, sandy islands of the Mamanukas. It would be a 6 hour sail to the first anchorage and it would just be a quick overnight to our next destination. Unfortunately Ally did get a little seasick but she conquered it and got her sea legs after 3 to 4 days of sailing. DSC_6142-1DSC_6139      


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