Octopus Resort, Waya Island, Fiji

July 27, 2014 – July 30, 2014

17 16.693 S 177 06.235 E


Posting by Barb:

As we got closer to our planned anchorage we realized we were going to have to make alternate plans. The hillside near the bay were we wanted to go was ablaze and the black soot was everywhere. It would not be a good to place to go. The soot was already peppering the deck. It must have been a controlled fire gone out of control. We thought that it may have been the locals burning the brush to prepare it for their vegetable plantations. But we later learned that they also use fire to scare out the wild pigs which they trap and spear. Well I am pretty sure the large fire roasted many a pig on the hillside.

DSC_6000We ended up anchored just outside the Octopus resort. We were able to go on shore and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsit at the bar, enjoy the beach and have a dinner as long as we left our credit card at the office. We did have the $50 three course dinner which included Calamari appetizer, Wahu for the main meal and banana cake with ice cream for dessert. It was another disappointment with a mass meal production taste. Most of the people at the resort were young families with small children and mainly from NZ. We shared our dinner table with a single dad and his young son who were from Brussels. I asked him to speak Dutch to me as I can understand the language (my parents are Dutch) but I found it difficult to interpret his version of Dutch.

People arrive at the resort by Helicopter, the large commercial catamaran ferry called the Yasawa flyer, or by sea plane that simply land and take off among the anchored sailboats.DSC_6006-1DSC_5951

DSC_5948-1DSC_5984Of course we had to do another lookout hike. We opted to go without a recommended hike and ended up going through lots of Cassava plantations, scorched land and 7 feet high grassy terrain. The topography of the land was beautiful and it reminded us a lot of the Marquesan Islands. We snorkeled a little and  the reef looked healthy but there wasn’t a large variety of reef fish.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We are realizing that anchoring in Fiji means picking a bay where the land protects the boat from the wind. The bay will depend on the direction of the wind for the day and this could change throughout the day. But there is nothing to protect us from the rolling of the boat especially when the wind holds us a beam to the waves. Dennis will sleep through anything but I end up moving out to the salon and read myself to sleep as I fight the left and then right shoulder roll.  After 3 days of enjoying the resort it was time for our next anchorage and this time we were looking for an escape from the resorts!

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  1. Kyra says:

    Looks like good times! Miss you guys, oh and Mavis says hi! xo

  2. Jason says:

    Nice post!

    I think you may have had trouble interpreting the Belgian Dutch due to the difference in dialect and pronunciation.

    I also recently stayed at Octopus Resort and had a great time!

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